Postal Auction NS 7 – October 2017

We have another bumper auction with 634 lots contributed by 16 vendors.

There is a great range of WW1 and Occupation material. Some rare items from Herm and another lovely range of postcards including ones by Bramley, Louis Levy and Allix

The list of the lots and their descriptions can be viewed HERE.

The auction bid sheet and instructions can be viewed HERE

Key lots have been illustrated. See the links below:

Postal History & WW1, Occupation, Feldpost & Red Cross, 1948 + Postal History & Herm and Postcards

Please, either send your bid sheet by post to me at the address given or e-mail me the completed form to . All bids must be received by 5pm BST on Friday 20th October


General Information on Auctions

At present the Society holds two postal auctions each year in April and October. A room auction of approximately 50 lots is also held at each General Meeting. While these are a very important source of revenue to the Society, individual members also benefit as these auctions are only open to members. The continuance of these auctions depends on the availability of material and all members are urged to take this into consideration when disposing of unwanted items.

In view of the heavy workload involved the role of Auction Secretary has been split into two.

Gerald Marriner is responsible for compiling and preparing the auction list. Please send any material you want included in the auction, along with a description, to him. If you wish to email him, please contact him on

Nick Stuart will deal with all other matters from this point onwards. Bids should be returned to him by email at or by post as indicated on the bid form.

Printed copies will be sent to members who receive a printed version of the Journal and Members who only receive an electronic copy of the Journal will receive their auction list by email.