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Lot No.DescriptionReserveImage
1JERSEY - 1816 Wrapper from Jersey to St Malo. With fine 'COLONIES PAR/ ST MALO' handstamp. Charged 2 decimes48.00
2JERSEY - 1825 Letter to France, charged 12 decimes. With fine handstamp -'GRANDE BRETAGNE/ PAR GRANVILLE' handstamp. Written up on album sheet. SG cat no CF8. Fine item100.00
3JERSEY - 1826 - Entire to Army Paymaster General's Office, London. With JERSEY Scroll. Endorsed 'OHMS' & Pensioner Application'. With 'Free Frank' marking applied in England. Written up on album sheet40.00
4JERSEY - 1831 Letter to Exeter. With 11d charge mark and Jersey double arc datestamp10.00
5JERSEY - 1842 Letter to France with 'OUTRE-MER / ST MALO' datestamp in red. Charged 4 decimes48.00
6JERSEY - 1848 Entire from Jersey to Cognac,. With 'ILES -C GRANVILLE' datestamp in red. Charged 10 decimes On album page with detailed write up48.00
7JERSEY - 1855 Env FRONT only - to St Servan, France. Carried on board ship. Endorsed ' Par La Rose'. With 2 x 2d blue stars. Cancelled with '409' obliterators. With 'ILES - C- ST. MALO' datestamp in red & circular 'PD' in black50.00
8JERSEY - 1858 cover with 1d red stars cancelled with JERSEY 409 duplex (code C). Addressed to Dublin. With circular 'MORE TO PAY /M' handstamp and manuscript '2' charge mark. With Dublin arrival datestamp on reverse. The Jersey duplex shows incorrect date ~ 1885 instead of 1858. Few faults to envelope but scarce20.00
9JERSEY - 1860 (?) Envelope FRONT only to AVRANCHES, France. With 2 x GB QV 4d stamps cancelled with Jersey '409' numeral obliterators. With 'ILES -C ST MALO' cds in red and faint oval PD in red30.00
10JERSEY - 1864 cover to Philadelphia, U.S.A. With QV1/- stamp cancelled with Jersey '409' duplex. Cover
endorsed ' Pr Cunard Steamer via Liverpool'. With detailed write up on album page. Low reserve
11JERSEY - 1867 Entire letter to GRANVILLE. With 4 x QV 1d reds with Jersey '409' duplex cancels. With 'ILES -C GRANVILLE ' d/circle datestamp in red. Fine item80.00
12JERSEY - 1867 Entire from France to Jersey with 2 French stamps cancelled in France . With LA REOLE datestamp
on Front. With square 'PD' in red & framed 'G' in black. With CARTARET & JERSEY datestamps on reverse
13JERSEY - 1868 Entire to France with QV 4d stamp cancelled with Jersey '409' duplex. With circular PD handstamp and 'ILES -C ST MALO' transit datestamp. Nice item32.00
14JERSEY - 1870 Cover to Bath. With QV 1d red cancelled with JERSEY 409 duplex cancel10.00
15JERSEY - 1870 Cover from France to Hotel de la Pomme D'Or, Jersey. Endorsed 'Par Voie Anglaise'. With framed PD in black. With Jersey arrival datestamp for 25 December (Christmas Day) on reverse25.00
16JERSEY -1873 Cover to Renne with 3 x QV 1d plates cancelled with Jersey duplexes, code 'C'. With 'ILES -C ST MALO ' datestamp in red. Black circular 'PD' & Rennes arrival datestamp on reverse40.00
17JERSEY - 1876 Cover to Lyon, France. With QV 2 1/2d rosy mauve , plate 1, cancelled with superb Jersey duplex, code 'B'. With 'PD' in oval . Nice item25.00
18JERSEY - 1877 cover to France with 2 x QV 1d reds (pl 181) plus QV ½d stamp With Jersey '409' duplex cancels. Unfortunately cover has been roughly opened at top, but stamps not damaged. Scarce use of ½d stamp25.00
19JERSEY - 1883 Swiss postal stationery card from Lucerne to Jersey. Has long message in English. Nice item10.00
20C.I. - 1888 Cover with QV 2½d stamp cancelled with ST MALO datestamp With faint ANG. B.M. datestamp in red. With Rennes & Finisterre datestamps on reverse35.00
21JERSEY - 1889 - Fine cover to Calcutta, INDIA. With QV 5d Jubilee stamp cancelled with Jerset squared circle. Nice cover30.00
22JERSEY - 1890(?) Spanish postal stationery card addressed to St Helier, Jersey. Nice item8.00
23C.I. - 1897 English Newspaper wrapper FRONT . Stamp impression cancelled with 'ST MALO, ILLE ET VILLAINE'
datestamp . With circular 'ANG B.M. ST MALO' datestamp in black
24JERSEY - 1898 Cover from Jersey to Bordeaux. Carried on BOITE MOBILE SERVICE. With QV ½d & 2d stamps cancelled GRANVILLE . With fine ANGL B.M. GRANVILLE datestamp (SG cat no. CF50). Cover is a fine illustrated envelope from HOTEL TIVOLI, GRANVILLE. Lovely item50.00
25JERSEY - 1896 Cover from Jersey to Torquay. Fine on 1d Lilac and FIVE OAKS cds on reverse17.00
26JERSEY - 1896 Lettercard sent locally with fine Jersey squared circle cancel . With fine ST AUBYNS single circle datestamp on the card - code A. Nice item. Low reserve24.00
27JERSEY - 1901 postcard to Paris with QV 1d lilac cancelled with ST MALO transit datestamp. With circular ANGL. B.M. in black (SG Cat no CF 51a)40.00
28JERSEY - 1901 Superb blue green Customs Duty / Parcel Post Label in excellent condition . Charge - 1/- for Parcel Post and 6/4d for Customs duty. With 7 x QV 1/- stamps and QV 4d stamp - all cancelled with Jersey d/ circle rubber parcel cancels . With Jersey datestamp alongside. Very scarce item220.00
29JERSEY - 1902 -P/card with fine ST. MARTINS datestamp (code A) alongside stamp4.00
30JERSEY - 1902 P/card to France. With d/circle St Malo cancel on KEV11 1d stamp on front of card Fair ANG BM cancel on reverse. With French arrival datestamp16.00
31JERSEY - 1903 / 12 - Three postcards with Jersey single & double circle datestamps6.00
32JERSEY - 1903 P/card from Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA to Jersey. Unpaid. Routed via London where 2d. / F.B. surcharge mark applied.12.00
33JERSEY - 1904 - Postcard from St Malo to Jersey . With French stamp cancelled with superb ' JERSEY FRANCE / M.B. datestamp (SG Cat no CF78) and fine 'PAQUEBOT' datestamp40.00
34JERSEY - 1904 Underpaid P/card from Pais to Jersey. Routed via Southampton. Surcharged in Southampton. With '3d 723' surcharge mark and 'LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/723' handstamp applied in Southampton. Unusual15.00
35JERSEY - 1905 Glitter postcard with superb 'LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/409' handstamp plus 1d 409 marking8.00
36JERSEY - 1902 Postcard from France to Jersey via the small port of ST. PAIR sur MER. With St. Pair transit datestamp. Unusual. On page with full write up. Plus 2 postcards of St Pair.30.00
37JERSEY - 1904 - Postcard to Paris sent at ½d printed matter rate. KEVII stamp cancelled with fine GRANVILLE MANCHE d/circle datestamp. With ANG B.M. / GRANVILLE octagonal datestamp. Alongside there is a fine oval cachet of Grand Hotel du Palais de Cristal. Nice item48.00
38JERSEY - 1904 p/card addressed to India with KEVII 1d stamp Cancelled with Jersey squared circle datestamp. Redirected within India. Picture side shows famous cricketer - W.G.Grace25.00
39JERSEY - 1906 P/card to Lancashire. With GOREY datestamp and TPO datestamp - 'NORTH WEST T.P.O. COACH 1. DOWN' Unusual8.00
40JERSEY - 1906 Postcard to France. KEVII stamp cancelled with ST MALO datestamp . With circular ' ANG.B.M. SAINT MALO' datestamp alongside.30.00
41JERSEY - 1907 - postcard to Sarthe, France via St Malo. With KEVII stamp cancelled with ST MALO datestamp. With 'ANG. B.M. SAINT MALO cds alongside. With 'HOTEL de la POMME D'OR ' cachet 50.00
42JERSEY - 1907 p/card to Paris. KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with ST MARYS datestamp4.00
43JERSEY - 1907 P/card sent locally with fine TRINITY, JERSEY rubber datestamp30.00
44JERSEY - 1908 Postcard from Jersey to Paris via Granville. With KEVII 1d stamp folded over front of card With 'GRANVILLE, MANCHE ' cds on front. & octagonal ' ANGL. B.M. GRANVILLE' datestamp40.00
45JERSEY - 1903 - 1923 - Fine study of Jersey double circle datestamps . Collection of 10 postcards on 5 album pages showing ten different types . Study well written up on the album pages.12.00
46JERSEY - 1909 Postcard to France with KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with GRANVILLE datestamp. With octagonal ANGL. B.M. GRANVILLE datestamp in black ( SG cat no CF49) & Manche arrival datestamp. Fine item25.00
47JERSEY - 1910 Postcard to Fontainebleau. With KEVII stamp cancelled with 'CARTERET, MANCHE' datestamp & PAQUEBOT handstamp on reverse. With French arrival datestamp 30.00
48JERSEY - 1911 Postcard to France with GB KEVII 1d stamp cancelled CARTERET. With Carteret arrival datestamp on reverse and PAQUEBOT handstamp32.00
49JERSEY - 1911 Postcard from France to JERSEY. With French 10ct stamp cancelled with JERSEY /FRANCE M.B. octagonal datestamp40.00
50JERSEY - 1911 Postcard from France to Rozel Farm, JERSEY. With French 5ct stamp cancelled with JERSEY d/circle datestamp. Scarce45.00
51JERSEY - 1911 Postcard from Lugano, Switzerland to Jersey3.00
52JERSEY - Dec 1912 postcard to St Helier with good ST BRELADES BAY Rubber datestamp in blue grey ink. Stated to be Gurney type 2. Handstamp withdrawn in 1913. Scarce item60.00
53JERSEY - 1912 Postcard from France To Jersey. With French Stamp cancelled with ' JERSEY / FRANCE/ M.B.' datestamp for Aug 1912 (SG cat no CF78)50.00
54JERSEY - 1912 - French stamp on piece with JERSEY d/circle datestamp12.00
55JERSEY - 1912 P/card used locally with fine MILLBROOK datestamp alongside stamp4.00
56JERSEY - 1913 Postcard from GOREY to Port Bail, France. With KGV 1d stamp cancelled GOREY. Card would have been transferred direct to the Port Bail ship at Gorey Pier. Plus p/card of Port Bail. Nice items12.00
57JERSEY - 1914 postcard - scarce. Carried on GOREY - Carteret boat service. With PAQUEBOT h/stamp. GB 1d stamp cancelled with fine CARTERET datestamp40.00
58JERSEY - 1910 LL P/card used to Leicester with fine ST JOHNS CHURCH datestamp5.00
59JERSEY - 1919 Mourning env from France to Jersey. 25ct rate. With Jersey arrival datestamp and instructional handstamp on reverse - 'Pas trouve' (Not found). Seldom seen20.00
60JERSEY - 1925 - P/card to Exeter. With KGV 1d stamp cancelled with St. Ouens s/circle datestamp. (* code)6.00
61JERSEY - 1929 P/card to Guernsey. With 2 x P.U.C. ½d stamps cancelled with Jersey Krag cancel5.00
62JERSEY- Dec 1931 cover with Jersey slogan cancel - ' BEST INVESTMENT / LA TELEPHONE'. Fine6.00
63JERSEY - 1933 Registered Envelope from USA. Fine Cleveland, Ohio transit cancels. With oval Jersey Registered datestamp on reverse. Nice item20.00
64JERSEY - 1937 Postcard from St Malo to First Tower, Jersey. With French stamp cancelled with fair 'JERSEY/ FRANCE/MB /' octagonal datestamp. Top of datestamp shows damage45.00
65JERSEY - 1902 -37 - Group of 10 French stamps (Including strip of 3) with 'JERSEY/ FRANCE M.B.' datestamps25.00
66JERSEY - 1937 - First flight cover from Jersey to Southampton Airport by JERSEY AIRWAYS. With flight cachet10.00
67JERSEY - January 1940 pre printed P/card from Consulat de France in Jersey to Trinity. Endorsed 'Gone Away' in manuscript. With 'UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/ RETURN TO SENDER' cachets. Unusual25.00
68JERSEY - 1908 -P/card used with BEAUMONT datestamp with no code letter4.00
69JERSEY - 1933 -P/card used with CARREFOUR SELOUS datestamp with no code letter. 1½d rate. Late usage6.00
70JERSEY - 1909 P/card used with GOREY datestamp with code letter A4.00
71JERSEY - 1911 P/card used with LA ROQUE datestamp with code letter C3.00
72JERSEY - 1928 P/card used with LA ROQUE datestamp with code letter A. 1d rate4.00
73JERSEY - 1923 P/card used with ST AUBIN datestamp without code letter . 1d rate3.00
74JERSEY - 1926 P/card used with fine ST AUBIN datestamp without code letter . 1d rate4.00
75JERSEY - 1927 P/card used with scarce ST BRELADES BAY datestamp without code letter . 1d rate8.00
76JERSEY - 1904 P/card used with ST JOHNS datestamp code letter - C, alongside stamp6.00
77JERSEY - 1911 P/card used with fine ST JOHNS CHURCH datestamp code letter - A, alongside stamp5.00
78JERSEY - 1904 P/card used with ST MARTINS datestamp code letter - A, alongside stamp4.00
79JERSEY - 1910 P/card used with ST MARYS datestamp code letter - C4.00
80JERSEY - 1926 P/card used with fine ST OUENS datestamp, * code . 1d rate8.00
81JERSEY - 1905 P/card used with fine ST PETERS datestamp, code A. Stamp has been removed3.00
82GUERNSEY - 1782 Entire letter to Nantes. Addressed to Dobree who was a merchant. Routed via St Malo. Rated 6 sous. With fine 'S. MALO' handstamp (SG cat no, CF13)60.00
83GUERNSEY - 1786 Wrapper from France to Priaulx, Guernsey. 25 (sols?) charge mark20.00
84GUERNSEY - 1805 FORWARDING AGENT - Wrapper from Banbury to Guernsey . Routed via London and Weymouth. Via Forwarding Agent - Thomas Martins. Addressed to Messrs C. Priaulx & Co.80.00
85GUERNSEY - 1832 - Entire from Guernsey to Hatton Gardens, London. With weak Guernsey double arc datestamp, With manuscript '2/2d' charge. Contents relate to rent in Kentish Town, London12.00
86GUERNSEY - 1832 entire to St Malo. With fine 'GRANDE BRETAGNE / PAR ST MALO' handstamp and '6/' handstamp. With two manuscript marks and a superb 'ST MALO' datestamp . Plus copy of booklet - CHANNEL ISLANDS - FRANCE MAIL SERVICES, 1683 - 193950.00
87GUERNSEY- 1831 Entire letter from Paris to Guernsey via St Malo. Addressed to Robert Walters in the care of Matthieu Barbet, a FORWARDING AGENT in Guernsey. With a 17 decime charge mark plus 3d for local delivery charge. Endorsed 1/8d which was the total charge to Walters, the addressee. Nice item100.00
88GUERNSEY - 1841 Wrapper to London with fine Guernsey d/arc datestamp. With manuscript '2'10.00
89GUERNSEY - 1844 Cover to London. With QV 1d red Imperf tied with '324' numeral obliterator. Endorsed 'By Private Steamer via Southampton'. With Guernsey double arc datestamp on reverse40.00
90GUERNSEY- 1844 Entire to Hampshire. With scarce Guernsey Handstruck '1' numeral in red. (SG cat no, GC13). Used instead of adhesive With Guernsey and Basingstoke double arc datesamps. Scarce item100.00
91GUERNSEY - 1851 Letter from CANADA to Guernsey. Rated 1/4d. With datestamps for Newcastle (in Canada), Quebec, Montreal and London. With fair Guernsey arrival datestamp in blue. Mounted on album page. Full write up40.00
92Guernsey - 1870 entire to Rennes with four x QV 1d plates cancelled by very fine Guernsey 324 duplex, code A. Red circular PD and d/c Angl. Amb Calais B alongside with London transit and Rennes reception on reverse. Contains attractive complete invoice for wines dated 7 July 1870. Fine condition.100.00
93GUERNSEY - 1877 Cover to Bridgwater. QV 1d red cancelled with Guernsey 324 duplex10.00
94GUERNSEY- UPU, 1d, 1882 Stationery card to Paris. Fine CALAIS A PARIS railway cancel 30 Nov 82 and Paris reception. Interesting content re., CI Churches book.20.00
95GUERNSEY - 1904 P/card addressed to Argentina. With Guernsey Squared circle cancel8.00
96GUERNSEY - 1904 - P/card from Canary Islands addressed to Mrs Haig , c/o Captain Haig, Leicestershire Reg't, Guernsey. Redirected to ALDERNEY. Spanish stamp cancelled ' SOUTHAMPTON SHIP LETTER' datestamp10.00
97GUERNSEY - August 1906 P/card to France. With Binic datestamp on KE V11 1d stamp and Parame arival datestamp. With BM in oval cachet. Endorsed 'Via Fawn' in manuscript. Nice item65.00
98GUERNSEY - 1907 Postcard with superb ST SAVIOURS GUERNSEY rubber datestamp15.00
99GUERNSEY - 1909 -Green Customs Use/ Parcel Post label with 2 x KEVII 4d; 2 x KEVII 9d; KEVII 2/6 d & 5/- stamps tied with circular Guernsey packet handstamps. Customs import duty is 9/-. Fine scarce item .250.00
100GUERNSEY - 1906 Post card with fine St Andrews datestamp alongside the stamp4.00
101GUERNSEY - 1905 Postcard from Guernsey to Rennes via BINIC. With KEVII 1d stamp on picture side with BINIC datestamp . With manuscript PAQUEBOT ( listed in C.I. postal history cat. as SG 67a) Also with BM in oval datestamp80.00
102GUERNSEY - 1911 Postcard from France to Guernsey. French stamp cancelled with fine SOUTHAMPTON / FRANCE/MB' datestamp25.00
103GUERNSEY - 1911 Christmas p/card with fine CATEL datestamp for Christmas Day6.00
104GUERNSEY - 1911 KE V11 Registered postal stationery envelope from Bournemouth, Southampton transit Guensey s/circle datestamp and VALE ROAD arrival datestamps on reverse25.00
105GUERNSEY - 1912 KE VII ½d Postal stationery card addressed to Somerset with fine Guernsey d/ circle datestamp. Seldom seen4.00
106GUERNSEY - 1919 Postcard used with ST PETER IN THE WOOD datestamp, code A4.00
107GUERNSEY - 1929 P/card with P.U.C. 1d stamp tied with Guernsey Krag cancel. Addressed to London4.00
108GUERNSEY - 1930 Postcard from France addressed to Plymouth. With 30ct French stamp cancelled with Guernsey Krag cancel. Unusual. Postcard written on board ship between St Malo and Guernsey. Cancelled in Guernsey. Then by boat to Plymouth. On album sheet with write up.40.00
109GUERNSEY - 1937 KEVIII 1½d stamp on piece with Fine L'ISLET d/circle datestamp5.00
110GUERNSEY - July 1939 - Special First Mail Flight Cover from Guernsey to Jersey. With Guernsey machine cancel On album page with full write up12.00
111SARK - 1895 Small cover from Cranbrook to Sark, addressed to A Toplis. Cranbrook duplex on QV 1d Lilac. Fine condition20.00
112SARK - 1910 P/card with fine Sark datestamp for 21 September 19104.00
113JERSEY -1903 - 13 Batch of 5 used p/cards - three have have different Jersey datestamps and the other two have ST AUBIN and ST. OWENS datestamps. Low reserve5.00
114JERSEY - 1903 -27 Batch of 10 used p/cards with various Jersey datestamps/machine cancels3.00
115GUERNSEY 28 June 1940 cover from Bristol with GB 2½d Centenary stamp. Cover missed final sailing. Hence 'NO SERVICE/ RETURN TO SENDER' handstamp applied. Light centre fold45.00
116GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 wrapper with KGVI 2d definitive bisect used commercially to the Evening Post , Jersey. 15.00
117GUERNSEY - 27 Dec 1940 p/card with 2d Centenary bisect with fine COBO d/circle datestamp12.00
118GUERNSEY - 22 Feb 1941 cover with 2d Centenary bisect with Guernsey s/circle datestamp12.00
119GUERNSEY - 22 Feb 1941 cover with 2d Centenary bisect with LES GRAVEES datestamp15.00
120GUERNSEY - 27 Dec 1940 p/card with 2d Centenary bisect with ST PETER IN THE WOOD d/circle datestamp15.00
121GUERNSEY - 27 Dec 1940 cover with 2d Centenary bisect with ST MARTINS datestamp15.00
122GUERNSEY - 27 Dec 1940 cover with 2d Centenary bisect with fine THE VALE datestamp15.00
123GUERNSEY - 4 Jan 1941 commercial cover with Centenary bisect cancelled with Guernsey machine cancel10.00
124GUERNSEY - 27 Feb 1941 cover with 2 x 2d Centenary bisects plus KGVI 1/2d definitive with VILLE AU ROI datestamps18.00
125GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Fine Marginal block of 8 (4 x2). U/mint8.00
126GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Fine Marginal corner block of 4. With sheet number in margin U/mint5.00
127GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 4th printing. Mounted mint on upper two stamps15.00
128GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 5th printing. U/ mint but sl. Foxing12.00
129GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 6th printing. U/ mint but sl. Foxing12.00
130GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 7th printing on blue banknote paper. Fine U/ mint25.00
131GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 8th printing. Lightly mounted mint on upper two stamps15.00
132GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 9th printing. U/ mint but sl. Foxing on one stamp14.00
133GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 10th printing. U/ mint but sl. Foxing on one stamp14.00
134GUERNSEY - ½d Arms stamps - Album sheet with 8 stamps in different shades - all fine used . Includes olive green6.00
135GUERNSEY - ½d and 1d Arms stamps on blue banknote paper. U/mint marginal10.00
136GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 2nd printing - U/ mint but sl. Foxing in margin14.00
137GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 4th printing - Fine U/ mint70.00
138GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 6th printing - Mounted mint on upper two stamps15.00
139GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 7th printing - Mounted mint on upper two stamps15.00
140GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 8th printing - fine u/mint70.00
141GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 9th printing - Mounted mint on upper two stamps15.00
142GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 10th printing - Fine u/mint15.00
143GUERNSEY - 2½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 1st printing -Guernsey Press Co - Fine u/mint20.00
144GUERNSEY - 2½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 2nd printing -" Press " - Fine u/mint20.00
145GUERNSEY - 18 FEB 1941 Commercial p/card from Midland Bank Ltd, Guernsey . With 1d Arms stamp and Centenary bisect making correct 2d postcard rate. With Guernsey machine cancel20.00
146GUERNSEY - 1944 cover with 2½d Arms tied with Guernsey machine cancel3.00
147GUERNSEY - April 1942 cover with 1d Arms on blue banknote paper ~ believed to be 1st day of use20.00
148GUERNSEY - 1942 cover with 2 x ½d GUERNSEY Arms stamps with fine Cobo datestamp4.00
149GUERNSEY - 1941 Window envelope from States Water Board. Addressee had been evacuated. Cover returned to sender. With surcharge h/stamp - 'Undelivered for reason stated / 1d POSTAGE DUE/ FOR/RETURN TO SENDER'40.00
150GUERNSEY - 1941 Registered cover with ½d & 1d Arms plus GB KGVI 4d def. Addressed to Royal Hotel With GUERNSEY registration label10.00
151GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 Registered cover with 4 x 1d Arms plus 2 x 2d KGVI definitive bisects. With fine Guernsey s/circle datestamps plus 'GUERNSEY' registration label20.00
152GUERNSEY - 1942 Newspaper wrapper from Guernsey Evening Press to Jersey. With 1d Arms cancelled with Guernsey d/circle datestamp. Commercial. Nice item8.00
153GUERNSEY - April 1942 commercial cover with 2 x 1d Arms on blue banknote paper plus ½d Arms on ordinary paper from Income Tax Office, Guernsey. Nice item40.00
154GUERNSEY - 1942 Commercial cover used twice. Three Arms stamps used for 2nd usage12.00
155SARK - Aug 1941 Registered local cover to Mrs Skelton with 2 x KGV ½d, KGV 1½d and BISECTED KGVI 6d definitive. All with SARK d/circle datestamps . With SARK registration label (No. 0646). Very scarce600.00
156SARK - 1942 cover to Leale Ltd, St Sampsons. With 2 x 1d & ½d Arms stamps with Sark datestamps15.00
157GUERNSEY - 1941 Window envelope from the Constables, St Peter Port. Used twice. First time with 1d PAID machine cancel in red (July 1941). Second usage with 1d Arms stamp , Guernsey machine cancel (Oct 1941)15.00
158GUERNSEY - 1942 P/card with printed message from the Medical Board of the Controlling Committee of The States of Guernsey - Relates to Milk quotas. Posted locally with fine Guernsey 1d PAID handstamp. Unusual item20.00
159GUERNSEY - Apr 1944 Registered cover with 2 ½d Arms and KGVI 3d definitive with Guernsey datestamp and provisional registration handstamp. With GUERNSEY s/ circle datestamp15.00
160GUERNSEY - APR 1944 registered cover with 2 ½d Arms and KGVI 3d definitive with ST MARTINS datestamp and ST MARTIN'S, GUERNSEY registration label10.00
161GUERNSEY - Oct 1944 scarce censored inter island cover addressed to St Helier, Jersey. With 2½d Arms stamp. With brown sealing label cancelled with German censor handstamp on reverse. Nice item120.00
162GUERNSEY - March 1945 - Receipt from Receiver General with 1d Arms cancelled with Guernsey datestamp for 8 March. Then re-directed receiving another datestamp for 10 March. Nice item8.00
163JERSEY - ½d Arms - 4 items - one single and 3 pairs all with upper margin including sheet numbers. Different shades. Mint10.00
164JERSEY - ½d Arms -Fine Imprint block of 6 on white paper, U/mint8.00
165JERSEY - 1d Arms -Fine Imprint block of 6 on white paper,Wide vertical margin. U/mint8.00
166JERSEY - April 1941 - Imprint block of 6 1d Arms on registered FDC with JERSEY registration label. Fine10.00
167JERSEY - 1942 - Imprint block of 6 x ½d Arms stamps on cover with GREVE D'AZETTE datestamps. First day8.00
168JERSEY - 1942 cover with 3 x ½d Arms stamps with GROUVILLE datestamp6.00
169JERSEY - 1942 cover with 2 x ½d Arms stamps with ST JOHNS CHURCH datestamp together with a 1933 picture of the Post Office6.00
170JERSEY - Jan 1942 unaddressed cover with 2 x ½d Arms with TRINITY datestamps8.00
171JERSEY - Jan 1942 ½d KGVI postal stationery env uprated with ½d Arms with Jersey datestamp5.00
172JERSEY - 1942 Registered postal stationery envelope uprated with 1d Arms from Lloyds Bank to St Lawrence, Jersey. With JERSEY registration label. Super commercial item32.00
173JERSEY - Jan 1942 Registered cover with 12 x ½d Arms with oval registered datestamps & Jersey reg label12.00
174JERSEY - 1944 Commercial cover to St Helier with ½d and 2 x1d Arms stamps witrh MILLBROOK d/circle datestamp plus a sheet giving information on the Millbrook postmaster15.00
175JERSEY - VIEWS - MISE EN TRAIN Proofs - the group of four all marginal80.00
176JERSEY - Selection of Views stamps u/mint on album sheet. Includes gutter pairs of 1d & 2½d stamps plus corner dated marginal single stamps - 1½d & 2d values8.00
177JERSEY - 1943 Views set in gutter pairs. Fine u/mint15.00
178JERSEY - ½d, 1d & 2½d Views all on grey newsprint paper. U/mint6.00
179JERSEY - 1d Views -Superb sheet of 60 stamps from 7.5.43 printing. Low reserve50.00
180JERSEY - ½d Views stamp in fine corner dated block of 6 (1.5.43 printing) Fine U/mint20.00
181JERSEY - ½d Views stamp in fine corner dated block of 6 (3.5.43 printing) Fine U/mint20.00
182JERSEY - ½d Views stamp in fine corner block of 6 with sheet number deleted and new sheet number inserted. Fine U/mint. Seldom seen25.00
183JERSEY - ½d Views stamp in two fine corner dated blocks of 4 (6. 10.43 printing) Fine U/mint. One block from upper pane with 3 holes in Jubilee line; other block from lower pane with one hole in Jubilee line. Nice item25.00
184JERSEY - 1d Views stamp in two fine corner dated blocks of 6 (7.5.43 printing) Fine U/mint. One block from upper pane ; other block from lower pane20.00
185JERSEY - 1d Views stamp in two fine corner dated blocks of 4 ( 28.2.44 printing) Fine U/mint. One block from upper pane with 3 holes in Jubilee line; other block from lower pane with one hole in Jubilee line. Nice item20.00
186JERSEY - 1½d Views stamp in fine corner dated block of 4 (17.5.43 printing) Fine U/mint12.00
187JERSEY - 2d Views stamp in two fine corner dated blocks of 4 ( 20.5.44 printing) Fine U/mint. One block from upper pane with 3 holes in Jubilee line; other block from lower pane with one hole in Jubilee line. Nice item20.00
188JERSEY - 2½d Views stamp in fine corner dated block of 4 (25.2.44 printing) Fine U/mint10.00
189JERSEY - 2½d Views in fine u/mint half sheet of 30 stamps (10 x 3) with margins and sheet number in lower left corner. Low reserve20.00
190JERSEY - 1943 3d Views stamp in fine corner dated block of 6 - U/mint. Printing date - 5.6.4312.00
191JERSEY - JUNE 1943 Cover with 2 x ½d Views stamps cancelled with Jersey machine cancel for 1st day of issue4.00
192JERSEY - JUNE 1943 Cover with 3 x ½d Views stamps cancelled with Jersey machine cancel for 1st day of issue5.00
193JERSEY - 1943 3d Views stamp on plain postcard with FIRST TOWER datestamp4.00
194JERSEY - 1943 3d Views stamp on plain postcard with Greve D'Azette datestamp. Unaddressed4.00
195JERSEY - 1943 3d Views used on Hotel envelope ( from Gloucester Hotel). With Jersey machine cancel4.00
196JERSEY - 1943 3d Views stamp on cover - homemade from tomato paper. With Jersey s/circle datestamp8.00
197JERSEY - June 1943 set of 6 stamps on registered cover with fine GREVE D'AZETTE datestamps and JERSEY 17 registration label12.00
198JERSEY - Cover used twice to same address. First use with ½d Arms on 29 Jan 1942. Underpaid so 1d /TO PAY / 409 surcharge mark applied. Second use with 1d Views on 1 June 1943. Both stamps cancelled ST AUBINS cds25.00
199JERSEY - June 1943 cover with ½d and 1d Views cancelled with fine BERESFORD ST datestamps8.00
200JERSEY - 1943 Cover with ½d and 2 x 1d Views cancelled with fine CHEAPSIDE datestamps6.00
201JERSEY - June 1943 cover with 2 ½d and 3d Views cancelled with ST AUBIN'S datestamp8.00
202JERSEY - 1943 2d Views stamp on plain postcard with ST AUBIN datestamp,code A 6.00
203JERSEY - 1943 2d Views stamp on Cover with ST JOHNS CHURCH datestamp 68.00
204JERSEY - 1943 2d Views stamp on Cover with STOPFORD ROAD datestamp6.00
205JERSEY - Set of 6 Views stamp on 6 covers - one value per cover all with first day of issue dates10.00
206JERSEY - June 1943 registered cover with 2 x 2d Views and 1½d Views Cancelled with Jersey s/circle datestamps code 4. With provisional registration handstamp - A207310.00
207JERSEY - June 1943 registered cover with set of 6 Views cancelled with Jersey cds & provisional Registered handstamp - B17410.00
208JERSEY - June 1943 registered cover with 2½d and 3d Views cancelled with Jersey datestamp and provisional registration handstamp - A 49910.00
209JERSEY - June 1943 Registered cover with complete set of 6 Views stamps cancelled with FIVE OAKS d/circle datestamps and 'JERSEY 16' registration label12.00
210JERSEY - June 1944 registered cover with both Arms stamps plus complete set of 6 Views stamps. With Jersery datestamps and JERSEY registration label15.00
211JERSEY - Feb 1945 Registered cover with set of 6 Jersey Views. With Jersey s/circle datestamps, code 5. With JERSEY registration label ( not a registration h/stamp)15.00
212JERSEY - Dec 1943 Commercial cover posted at 2½d rate. Addressed to Colonel Knackfuss, Feldkommandantur 515, St Helier25.00
213FELDPOST - Sept 1941 From soldier in Feldpost number 24815, Jersey to Germany30.00
214FELDPOST - Apr 1944 cover from Stuttgart to German soldier at Feldpost number 3680424.00
215FELDPOST - Jan 1944 cover from Fleischmann ( feldpost no 30613) to his wife in Germany35.00
216FELDPOST - 1941 cover from Bonn to a German soldier at Feldpost No. 3465530.00
217FELDPOST Dec 1944 - Scarce WIRELESS MESSAGE CARD from C.I. wishing Christmas Greetings. With fair Wilhelmshaven datestamp230.00
218FELDPOST - Oct 1941 - Scarce cover from German soldier who was in Cherbourg Hospital sent to Austria Soldier has endorsed the cover with his Alderney Unit Feldpost number. Cover also received Feldpost handstamp with Feldpost number of hospital unit120.00
219P.O.W. Mail - Nov 1941 - POW Christmas card to Jersey from Oflag VI B. Shows Santa climbing in over the wire70.00
220P.O.W. Mail - Nov 1943 - POW Christmas card to Jersey from Lt Searle, Oflag VII B. With superb Oflag VII B circular censor handstamp in red. Card shows escaping by boat. Scarce90.00
221P.O.W. Mail - June 1942 p/card from D. Liot to Jersey from Stammlager XX A. With Camp censor handstamp and cachet 'SHORT AND LEGIBLE LETTERS WILL RECEIVE PRIORITY'20.00
222P.O.W. Mail - 1942 Two p/cards from D. Liot to Jersey from Stammlager XX A. With different Camp censor handstamps. One card had circular cachet on reverse - DEPARTMENT OF ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES20.00
223P.O.W. Mail - Jan 1943 p/card from D. Liot to Jersey from Oflag IIIC. With faint Camp censor handstamp10.00
224P.O.W. Mail - Sep 1942 p/card from J. Gates to Jersey from Stammlager XX A. With faint Camp censor handstamp Routed via England with British octagonal 'PASSED BY CENSOR' handstamp. With 'NO SERVICE/ RETURN TO SENDER ' cachet applied in England. This has been deleted in pencil. With cachet -'SHORT AND LEGIBLE LETTERS WILL RECEIVE PRIORITY'. Card has centre fold but unusual Item20.00
225P.O.W. Mail - Nov 1941 p/card from J. Gates to Jersey from Stammlager XX A. With a Camp censor handstamp and Jersey machine cancel for 24 November applied on arrival. Unusual . With centre fold10.00
226P.O.W. Mail - Oct 1940 p/card from E. Paisnel to Jersey from Stalag IV C. With Camp censor handstamp10.00
227P.O.W. Mail - Apr 1943 p/card from R. Zullam to Jersey from Stammlager VIII B. With Camp censor handstamp10.00
228INTERNEE - March 1944 Biberach lettersheet to Guernsey with circular Biberach censor handstamp6.00
229INTERNEE - Oct 1943 Biberach postcard to Guernsey with circular Biberach censor handstamp6.00
230INTERNEE - July 1944 Biberach postcard to Guernsey with circular Biberach censor handstamp6.00
231INTERNEE - Apr 1944 Biberach postcard (Peising) to England with circular Biberach and U.K. censor handstamps6.00
232RED CROSS- Envelope with Geneva cancel 12 1X 41. PC 90 Censor Tape, CM in Red and Cachet in purple "If Undelivered please forward to Foreign Relations Department, British Red Cross et Order of St John, Warwick House, St James's, London, SW1". This cover not recorded in Guerney. Only fair condition, centre fold.30.00
233RED CROSS - Message Form - Swiss type 61 sent from Burnley to Guernsey - Nov 1941. With reply4.00
234RED CROSS - UK Instruction for Reply leaflet (FR/ CL29b)10.00
235RED CROSS - Jersey Leaflet (Gurney type L10) ' BAILIFF OF JERSEY'S ENQUIRY AND/ NEWS SERVICE / This is a reply to your enquiry and you may keep the form12.00
236RED CROSS - Envelope (Gurney type . E3) postally used Feb 1941. Creased along the top. Early usage6.00
237RED CROSS - Window Envelope (Gurney type . E2) postally used April 1942. With German censor handstamp5.00
238RED CROSS - 1943/44 - Batch of 3 German type Red Cross Message forms from Jersey to U.K. One has a reply on the reverse. Various cachets10.00
239RED CROSS - German type message form from Guernsey to UK with Berlin OKW censor handstamp (code 'b')10.00
240RED CROSS - Feb 1944 UK message form to Guernsey. With reply. With scarce Nancy censor handstamp on front20.00
241RED CROSS- Nov 1942 UK message to Guerney (FR type)with reply. Unusual - No Red Cross message Bureau handstamp on front but ' RED CROSS BUREAU No 824' added in manusript5.00
242RED CROSS - 1941 / 42 Batch of 3 message forms UK to Guernsey with replies.8.00
243RED CROSS - July 1941 scarce UK message form to Sark with reply60.00
244RED CROSS - 1942 German type form to school child at Hautes Capelles School in Lancashire with reply5.00
245RED CROSS 1944 Scarce JERSEY summary of reply message form. Plain. Less than 10 words100.00
246RED CROSS - Bradshaw card - used March 1941. Printed on POST CARD. , - Gurney Type AC320.00
247RED CROSS - Bradshaw card - used Jan 1942 Printed on green card - Gurney Type AC6a.. With light Guernsey machine cancel. 9 - 11 High St deleted in ink. 1 Market Street inserted. Card has centre fold - hence low reserve15.00
248RED CROSS - Bradshaw Card - On green card - 9 - 11 High St deleted in ink. 1 Market Street inserted. Unused14.00
249RED CROSS 1946 - letter from RED CROSS in Arlington St., London addressed to Miss Trouteaud, Red Cross Bureau Guernsey requesting an address. This was accompanied by a letter from a person in Winnepeg, Canada who was requesting the address of a Miss Parkyn. Nice item20.00
250OCCUPATION - Sep 1940 - PERMIT - entitled to buy -- in excess of officially fixed rations. With 3 vertical folds. Printed in German and English Seldom seen10.00
251NEWS FROM ENGLAND No. 2 - Sep 19405.00
2521945 Special illustrated p/card in red inscribed FREEDOM. Published by Guernsey Star & Gazette Co. Fine unused5.00
253GUERNSEY - 30 May 1945 Large commercial registered cover sent at 6d rate. Stamp cancelled with Guernsey s/circle datestamp - with narrow year figures. With new type GUERNSEY registration label. Cover contains letters from Martin, a Stamp Dealer together with his price list. Interesting lot10.00
254GUERNSEY - May 1945 - Reoccupation card used to Kent. With St Peter Port d/circle datestamp. Touching message mentions Red Cross parcels etc15.00
255GUERNSEY - 15 Aug 1945 local registered cover with set of Guernsey Arms stamps plus the 2 values on blue paper
With Guernsey s/circle datestamps and GUERNSEY registration label. Posted on V.J. day
256GERMAN P.O.W. Card - Feb 1946 . Card from Richard Mueller, Camp 801, Guernsey to the French Zone in Germany With large double circle P.O.W. Camp 801 handstamp in purple100.00
257GERMAN P.O.W. lettersheet - Sep 1947 from Richard Mueller who was in 1947 moved to Pinhoe P.O.W. Camp near Exeter. Addressed to Germany with circular cachet - 'Interpretors Office / CENSORED EXETER' in purple40.00
258GUERNSEY - May 1948 Registered cover with 2 sets of 3rd Liberation Anniv stamps on illus cover. With Guernsey datestamps and GUERNSEY registration label8.00
259GUERNSEY - June 1948 registered cover with 1d and 3 x 2½d Liberation Anniv stamps with VILLE AU ROI Datestamps and 'GUERNSEY B' registration label10.00
260JERSEY - May 1948 Printed FDC of 3rd Anniv of Liberation stamps with Jersey machine cancel8.00
261JERSEY - May 1948 Illustrated FDC of 3rd Anniv of Liberation stamps with Jersey machine cancel8.00
262JERSEY - May 1948 plain FDC of 3rd Anniv of Liberation stamps with ST PETERS d/circle datestamp8.00
263GUERNSEY - 1949 U.P.U. set of four on registered FDC to America. With GUERNSEY registration label15.00
264JERSEY - 1950 P/card sent at 2d rate. Stamp cancelled wit St. Ouens d/circle datestamp5.00
265JERSEY - 1950 Blue type Customs Duty /Parcel Post label . 4/8d charge. With 2x 8d, 10d and 2/6d stamps. With Jersey datestamps. Seldom seen36.00
266ALDERNEY - 1952 - Scarce registered cover to America. 8½d rate. With block of 4 x 1½d stamps cancelled with Alderney d/circle datestamp. Two other stamps cancelled with Alderney s/circle datestamp. With ALDERNEY registration label and American arrival datestamp on reverse. Fine25.00
267GUERNSEY - 1953 Flight cover (Guernsey - Jersey) with 6d +1d BEA Letter Service label8.00
268ALDERNEY - 1953 Flight cover ( Guernsey - Alderney) with 6d BEA Airway Letter Service label10.00
269ALDERNEY - 1953 Flight cover ( Alderney to Guernsey ) with 6d BEA Airway Letter Service label. Label cancelled with scarce B.E.A. ALDERNEY TOWN datestamp10.00
270JERSEY - 1953 Unpaid window envelope. With fine 3d 409 surchjarge mark in red . With 2 x 1½d postage due stamps. The addressee refused the item. Postage dues were cancelled by Post Office with 'rectangular ' CHARGE NOT COLLECTED' handstamp. With 'REFUSED' handstamp. Item returned to sender with another 3d surcharge mark24.00
271JERSEY - 1955 Registered cover from Australia to St Helier5.00
272GUERNSEY - 1957 Unpaid p/card from S. Africa to Guernsey . With S African 'T 3d' surcharge handstamp. Not surcharged on arrival in Guernsey3.00
273JERSEY - 1958 Cover with Jersey 3d Regional cancelled with CHEAPSIDE s/circle datestamp5.00
274JERSEY - 1958 Cover with Jersey 3d Regional cancelled with FIRST TOWER s/circle datestamp5.00
275JERSEY - 1958 Cover with Jersey 3d Regional cancelled with FIVE OAKS d/circle datestamp5.00
276JERSEY - 1958 Cover with Jersey 3d Regional cancelled with ROUGE BOUILLON s/circle datestamp5.00
277JERSEY - 1958 Cover with Jersey 3d Regional cancelled with SION d/circle datestamp6.00
278JERSEY - 1958 Cover with Jersey 3d Regional cancelled with ST BRELADES BAY d/circle datestamp6.00
279ALDERNEY - July 1969 International reply card from paris to Alderney. With QEII 5d stamp with Paris datestamp. With Cherbourg transit cds. With GUERNSEY datestamp and 'UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/ RETURN TO SENDER' in blue. With framed 'RETOUR' and scarce 'INCONNU/ NOT KNOWN' handstamps, With Alderney cds30.00
280GUERNSEY - 1970's - Collection of Certificates of Posting & stamps on piece all with sub Post Office datestamps10.00
281GUERNSEY - 1970 Piece with VILLE AU ROI rectangular parcel post handstamp4.00
282JERSEY - 1971 - Commercial unpaid p/card to Gloucester. With framed 5d/ TO PAY/ POSTED/UNPAID/409 mark4.00
283GUERNSEY 1983 Underpaid cover from Israel to Guernsey. With Guernsey surcharge mark & Guernsey 15p p due4.00
284JERSEY - 1983 Registered postal stationery env with JERSEY 9 , code L datestamp - a scarce temporary datestamp for MAUFANT sub Post Office. Only in use for a few months5.00
285GUERNSEY - 1986 Registered cover with Les GRAVEES datestamp4.00
286JERSEY - 1972 Registered cover with Roseville St. datestamps. With 'JERSEY 3' registration label6.00
287GUERNSEY - 1974 Registered cover with MARKET PLACE darestamps (code E) & 'GUERNSEY 2' reg label6.00
288GUERNSEY - 1986 - SEALINK Philatelic Cruise. Covers carried and posted in special box aboard ship EARL GRANVILLE. Two covers received Guernsey 'Paquebot' handstamps. One cover posted in Cherbourg ; other cover posted in Portsmouth. Covers landed at Guernsey & both received Guernsey datestamps. Unusual pair6.00
289JERSEY - 1986 SEALINK Cruise covers similar to above lot. With Jersey 'PAQUEBOT' handstamps. Two covers landed in Jersey and both received Jersey datestamps. With ' STAMPLINK 86/JERSEY' cachet6.00
290GUERNSEY - Dec 1986 Piece with rectangular PARCEL POST datestamp for COLLINGS ROAD last day of opening5.00
291JERSEY - 1987 Registered cover with BEAUMONT d/circle datestamps (code A) & BEAUMONT registration label4.00
292GUERNSEY - 1988 Registered cover with BRIDGE datestamp, code 'C'4.00
293JERSEY - 1991 Unpaid card to Flying Flowers, Jersey. With Jersey 30p postage due stamp cancelled Jersey in blue3.00
294JERSEY - 1996 Registered cover. Stamps cancelled with CENTRAL MARKET S.I.D datestamp5.00
295JERSEY - 1996 Registered cover. Stamps cancelled with CHEAPSIDE S.I.D datestamp4.00
296JERSEY - 1996 Registered cover. Stamps cancelled with FIRST TOWER S.I.D datestamp4.00
297JERSEY - 1996 Registered cover. Stamps cancelled with QUENNEVAIS S.I.D datestamp4.00
298JERSEY - 1996 Registered cover. Stamps cancelled with ST. MARY S.I.D datestamp4.00
299JERSEY - 1996 Registered cover. Stamps cancelled with ST. OUEN S.I.D datestamp4.00
300JERSEY - 1997 Registered cover. Stamps cancelled with TOWN MILLS S.I.D datestamp4.00
301JERSEY - 2003 Commercial cover to Jersey from Papua New Guinea with scarce ' BOX CANCELLED/ RETURN TO SENDER' handstamp5.00
302ALDERNEY - Garrison Booklet (Parts 1 and 2) . Offered below face value5.00
303JERSEY - 1978 postage due set complete to £1 - all in u/mint corner cylinder blocks of 4 (SG cat no.D21/ D32)5.00
304ALDERNEY - Garrison Booklet (Part 4) . Offered below face value5.00
305JETHOU - 1960 set of 5 definitives on reverse of cover. Cancelled with square Jethou datestamps in blue. With Guernsey machine cancel. Addressed to Blackpool. Cover surcharged on arrival . With 1d TO PAY surcharge mark and 1d postage due stamp alongside.20.00
306JETHOU - 1961 3d Bird definitive in issued colour . Marginal Imperf. U/mint3.00
307JETHOU - 1961- EUROPA 1961 overprint on 3d value. Marginal strip of 3 U/mint. With sheet number in margin3.00
308JETHOU - 1961 EUROPA M/sheet- U/mint. 3 identical sheets all with black overprint3.00
309JETHOU - 1961 EUROPA M/sheet- Fine used . with black overprint2.00
310JETHOU - 1961 EUROPA M/sheet- U/mint. 3 sheets - different shades of pink background and 'ISLE OF JETHOU' Imprint in margin varies in shade3.00
311JETHOU - 1961- EUROPA 1961 overprint on 3d value. U/mint pair with 'STRIKE MAIL' overprint on reverse side of one stamp only5.00
3121965 P/card of Jethou used commercially to Sussex. With Jethou 1961 EUROPA stamp cancelled with ' ISLAND OF JETHOU' datestamp in violet. With Jersey machine cancel alongside.14.00
313JETHOU - 1966 Norman Year- 6d value - Vertical marginal pair -U/mint. Perforated vertically but IMPERF horizontally. So imperf between margin and stamps.10.00
314JETHOU - 1966 Norman Year- 1/- value - Imperf sheetlet of four. U/mint10.00
315JETHOU - 1966 Battle of Hastings M/sheet. Fine u/mint10.00
316HERM - Pigeon Post Form. Fine unused10.00
317HERM - 1954 Crests - 5 values on illus FDC. Fine Herm datestamps4.00
318HERM - 1954 Crests set of 6 Including 6d Orange. M/mint PLUS 1/- Value with 'Shoal of Rocks' Variety U/mint5.00
319HERM - 1954 Triangulars - 7 values IMPERF - 2p, 4p,6p, 8p, 9p, 1/- plus 3 values perforated. All u/mint5.00
320HERM - 4 different FDC's - 1961 Europa, 1965 Liberation, 1966 Churchill overprints & 1969 Ships4.00
321HERM- 1957 Neolithic man set of 6 on illus FDC3.00
322HERM- 1959 Map definitives - Imperf set & Colour trials of 8 doubled and 1½d . Mounted mint4.00
323HERM - 1959 1/6d boat definitive in U/mint corner block of 8 with sheet number in margin5.00
324HERM- Selection of 30 mint or used Herm stamps. Includes 1962 EUROPA set. Low reserve3.00
325HERM- 1967 P/card addressed to A.G. Wood, Herm Island. From Herm with Herm 8 Doubles Neolithic Man stamp cancelled with Herm datestamp. Posted at 3d rate. Stamp cancelled with Guernsey slogan cancel4.00
326SHIPPING - CONDOR Collection of 11 different modern cards showing different Condor Hydrofoils. Collection includes - Condor 3, Condor 4, Condor 5, Condor 7, Condor 8 and Condor 95.00
327GUERNSEY - Early coloured card showing Banks colour map of Guernsey from 18956.00
328JERSEY - Early coloured card showing ten small views of the Island4.00
329JERSEY - Two unusual early cards of Corbiere Lighthouse. One is inscribed ' A Greeting from Jersey' published by F.F., Jersey5.00
330GUERNSEY - Fine early complete booklet containing 18 LL cards. Very good condition. Contains card nos. 1, 2,4,5, 6, 8, 12, 17, 18, 103, 31, 29, 44, 48, 63, 69, 98, 177, All cards with white back30.00
331GUERNSEY - Fine early complete booklet entitled ' SOUVENIR D'HAUTEVILLE HOUSE' containing 20 LL cards. Very good condition. Cards - green, printed in France25.00
332SARK - Early complete booklet of 20 different SARK LL cards. Good condition. White backs . Printed in France35.00
333SHIIPING - Sepia card of R.M.S. Isle of Guernsey. This was the ship that brought back the first batch of people returning to the Island after Liberation4.00
334JERSEY - LL card 94 -St Helier - L'Hermitage . B/w. Green back. Unused. Slight corner bend55.00
335JERSEY - LL 166 - Rozel Mill. B/w. Fine unused. Green back65.00
336JERSEY - LL 128 - J.S.C. Bathing Pool, Havre des Pas B/w. Fine unused. Green back50.00
337JERSEY - LL 166 - Descent of Devil's Hole and Coast scene -- B/w. Fine unused. White back70.00
338JERSEY - LL 114 - Railway Line to Gorey B/w. Fine unused. Green back55.00
339JERSEY - LL 41 - First Tower (station with train) -- B/w. Fine unused. White back, printed in Paris50.00
340JERSEY - LL104 -The rocks of The Corbiere- Coloured . White back. Postally used28.00
341JERSEY - LL 131 -The Sea Shore at Gorey Village - B/w. White back. Printed in France. Postally used. Stamp on front40.00
342JERSEY- Advertising card . Furnished Apartments, Mrs Le Quesne, 2, Kensington Villas, Kensington Place, St Helier Show building and staff. Fine unused16.00
343JERSEY - Photo card of Mid Bay Tea Rooms, St Brelades Bay. Fine, unused10.00
344JERSEY - J.F. Cutler, Goldsmith, Queen Street. Shopfront card. With £ to Franc exchange rate on reverse10.00
345JERSEY - Societe Jersiaise Repro card showing 1912 Air Race, St Malo to Jersey (No. A2)10.00
346JERSEY _ French card - Meeting of Aviation d' St Malo.1912. Les Victoires de la MOTRICINE. Used card with stamp on front.22.00
347JERSEY - Allix card No 24 - Hotel de L'Europe. Used B& W card with stamp on front. Used 1910. Good condition36.00
348JERSEY - Allix card no. 67 - Cout House. Used coloured card. Good condition160.00
349JERSEY - Allix card no. 69 - Cathedral St Thomas. Coloured. Unused. Fine80.00
350JERSEY - Allix card no. 70- Interieur, - Cathedral St Thomas. Coloured. Used. Good condition70.00
351JERSEY - Allix card no. 83- L'Armee du Salut. B/W. Unused. Fine36.00
352JERSEY - Allix card no. 187 - King Street. Coloured card. Message on reverse. Not postally used. Fine190.00
353JERSEY - Allix card no. 187 - Jersey Cows. Unused sl sepia card with RP type finish. FineNot postally used. Fine190.00
354GUERNSEY - The Banks - B/W card with message on reverse. Not postally used25.00
355GUERNSEY - VIMIERA - L'Arche. Postally used. Few faults.10.00
356JERSEY - Superb early postcard showing Inauguration of New Steam Fire Engine at St Helier. Unused Published by A. Laurens, Jersey15.00
357JERSEY - Unused early postcard of Bouley Bay Hotel5.00
358SHIPPING - Postcard showing S.S. Vera at Jersey4.00
359SARK - LL no 51 - La Coupee - White back printed in France. Fine unused4.00
360JERSEY - High School for Girls - The Tennis Court5.00
361JERSEY - Sepia card of Triangle Park, Jersey. Pitt series No. 20.Unused5.00
362SHIPPING - SS . Alberta - Pitt series No. 64. Unused4.00
363SHIPPING - S.S. Atala - early unused card5.00
364SHIPPING - SS . Roebuck - Pitt series No. 63. Unused3.00
365SHIPPING - S.S. Victoria at Jersey . Early unused card5.00
366SHIPPING - S.S. Frederica - Built in 1890. Withdrawn from service 1911. Message on reverse, not postally used5.00
367SHIPPING - S.S Great Western - built 1902. . Unused5.00
368SHIPPING - S.S. St Helier - Unused3.00
369SHIPPING - S.S. Sarnia - Postally used 19624.00
370SHIPPING - S.S. Vera - Fine coloured postcard of the ship docked at St Malo. Unused5.00
371SHIPPING - Paddle steamer - Cygne at Carteret. . Unused5.00
372SHIPPING - Paddle Steamer - Ariadne ( used on excursions between Cherbourg and Alderney from 1900 to 1912)8.00
373SHIPPING - Fine photo postcard showing wreck of S.S Caesarea , Jersey, 192312.00
374SHIPPING - Fine postcard showing wreck of The DUNSINANE , off St. Sampson's, 1904. Postally used. Published by F.B. Guerin, Guernsey12.00
375SHIPPING - Fine postcard showing wreck of the Hilda, 190512.00
376SHIPPING - Fine photo postcard showing wreck of S.S Atala, Jersey, 1925. Published by Scotts, Jersey12.00
377JERSEY - Fine early view of Beaumont Village. Shows Post Office. Postally used 191318.00
378JERSEY - 1950's card showing Lounge Bar, Priory Inn, St Clements. Unused3.00
379JERSEY - Superb early shopfront card - shows locals outside Malzard's, 56, King Strret, St Helier20.00
380JERSEY - Card showing 'A Potato Van' - horse drawn owned by T. Payn, Grouville. Pub. Albert Smith. Used. Scarce25.00
381JERSEY - Scarce P/card showing premises of Orange & Briard, Potato Merchants, Bond Street, St Helier. Used 190620.00
382JERSEY - c 1902 - Coloured Albert Smith Postcard (no. 334) showing fine view of Jersey Royal Artillery Howitzer Firing Practice. Postally used 1905. Scarce card20.00
383JERSEY - 1950's sepia photo card of German lookout tower, Corbiere with lighthouse in background. Unused4.00
384HERM - Rosaire Steps. Fine early card card showing early ship in foreground. Jethou in background. Unused8.00
385HERM - Early card showing people alighting from boat at Herm. Unused6.00
386HERM - Photo card showing cottages near the harbour. Published by N. Grut. Unused5.00
387HERM - Sepia card showing Harbour and White House. Published by Guernsey Press Co. Unused5.00
388SARK - Postcard of eary Post Office with thatched roof. Postally used from Sark 190510.00
389SARK - The Sark Boat . Postally used 1912 (Guernsey postmark)3.00
390SARK - Sepia photo card of Masseline Harbour . Unused3.00
391GUERNSEY - 28 June 1940 Postcard showing effect of air raid and bombing on St Peter Port. Fine unused8.00
392C.I. - Early map postcard of the Channel Islands showing Inter Island shipping routes and routes to France6.00
393HMS JERSEY through the ages - A fascinating collection written up on 22 sheets. Includes the history of the seven ships which had the name 'HMS JERSEY'; several pictures and postcards of the ships; ship cachets & 16 special illus covers24.00
394GUERNSEY - A C. Black's Series of Water Colour Views. Early large size book has 20 beautiful small paintings of different views of Jersey. Scarce book20.00
395GUERNSEY - Early booklet produced by LL. Contains 20 large size sepia pictures of Guernsey. Cover rather worn but pictures fine5.00
396GUERNSEY - The Star newspaper for 5 May 19453.00
397JERSEY - German Proclamation Poster - in German and England. Dated 6 June 1944. Good condition20.00
398Specialised Priced Catalogue of Channel Islands Stamps by O.W. Newport. 3 editions - 1961, 1969 and 1970 editions Includes Commodore, Herm, Jethou and Guernsey Railway issues. Low reserve5.00
399GUERNSEY - Feb 1945 commercial cover with 2½d Arms stamps addressed to States Dairy, St Martins4.00
400JERSEY - 30 May 1945 - Early Liberation cover to Hampshire with ½d and 2 x 1d Views. Jersey machine cancel5.00
401GUERNSEY, JERSEY, SARK and HERM - 2½" x 3" Photo Cards fro 1920s/30s? 12 each in sepia for Guernsey, Jersey & Sark. 12 coloured of Sark and 7 of Herm in sepia2.00
402JERSEY - 1969 1st Definitives. Set of UMM stamps (missing 2½d & 2s6d); set of 10 on woodfree paper; ½d thin paper; 10s booklet; 4d Cyl. block of 12 and 4 FDCs5.00
403JERSEY - 1971 1st Decimal Definitives. Set of UMM stamps in pairs (missing 2½p); 13 booklets; 10 booklet panes; PVDA gum set (pairs) set of 1st decimal Postage Dues in pairs (14); set of fine used stamps and 6 FDCs. Face £8.455.00
404JERSEY - Definitive Varieties UMM. 1969 4d 'Blackpatch on Castle Wall' Cyl.1A R.4/2. 1977 8p 'Line to Queen's Bust' Cyl. 1D R2/12.00
405JERSEY - 1976 Parish Definitives UMM in pairs (missing 20p). Includes 17 booklet panes; 11 booklets; set of Postage Dues (in pairs) and 16 FDCs. Face value £19.023.00
406JERSEY - Commemoratives. 1978 -1983 UMM in pairs of blocks of 4. Complete inc. a MS and 1982 set of Postage Dues in pairs. Face value £49.258.00
407JERSEY - Commemoratives. 1992 UMM in blocks of 4. Complete inc. a MS and set of fine used stamps. Face value £40.016.00
408JERSEY - Commemoratives. 1993 UMM in blocks of 4. Complete inc. a MS and set of fine used stamps. Face value £38.446.00
409JERSEY - Commemoratives. 1994 UMM in blocks of 4. Complete inc. a MS and set of fine used stamps. Face value £50.638.00
410JERSEY - Commemoratives. 1995 UMM in blocks of 4. Complete inc. a MS and set of fine used stamps. Face value £52.918.00
411JERSEY - Commemoratives. 1996 UMM in blocks of 4. Complete inc. a MS and set of fine used stamps. Face value £48.368.00
412JERSEY - Commemoratives. 1997 UMM in blocks of 4. Complete inc. a MS and set of fine used stamps. Face value £52.468.00
413JERSEY - Commemoratives. 1998 UMM in blocks of 4. Complete inc. MS Face value £48.508.00
414JERSEY - Commemoratives. 2010 UMM in blocks of 4. Complete up to August inc. MS Face value £62.429.00
415JERSEY - 264 Commemorative FDCs from 1978 to 2007 plus 2010 (to August). Missing years 1984, 88, 89, 90 otherwise seems complete25.00
416GUERNSEY - 1984-91 Views definitives. UMM set of stamps in pairs, booklet panes, a set of fine used stamps and 8 FDCs. Face value £36.726.00
417GUERNSEY - 1992 Flower definitives. UMM set of stamps in pairs, booklet panes, a set of fine used stamps and 5 FDCs. Face value £31.405.00
418GUERNSEY - 1992 Flower definitives. Set 22 Maxicards with stamp on the front cancelled with the FDC datestamp1.00
419GUERNSEY - 1998 Maritime definitives. UMM set of stamps in pairs and 4 FDCs plus Island Memories pairs of NVI stamps and 2 FDCs. Total face value £25.703.00
420ALDERNEY - 1983 - 1997 Complete run of 28 FDCs from the first definitives to Garrison Island Part 13.00
421SG Senator Standard Black Binders only. VGC. These cost £29.95 each when new. 9 available. Please state how many you would like on your bid form at a cost of £2 each. First come first served.2.00