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New 2019 The German Occupation of the Channel Islands 1940-1945 – The immediate impact of the occupation on the postal services and postage stamps during the occupation period by Ron Brown FRPSL, 2019. 114 pages. £15.00 plus postage and package.

NEW 2017 “waists getting waspish” – A monograph of the Guernsey Red Cross messaging service by Leo Mayr, 2017, £6.00 plus postage and package.

CD-ROM of LL Postcards of Jersey, 2012, £10.00 inc P&P.


This CD-ROM contains 333 images of the numbered black and white LL postcards of Jersey, from the collection of the late Andrew Hinks. It includes all but 2 of the numbered black and white Jersey cards listed in the book LL Postcards of the Channel Islands by the late Stanley Newman.

The CD-ROM is available from the Archivist, Mark Bailey, 36 Jerrymoor Hill, Finchampstead, Wokingham RG40 4UG, email: Any cheque should be made payable to the Channel Islands Specialists’ Society.

Still available from the Book Secretary

The Postal History of Guernsey Sub-Post Offices, David Gurney, 1995, 265pp, £10.00


Red Cross Postal Message Scheme with the Channel Islands during the Occupation 1940-45, David Gurney, 1992, 389pp, £8.00


Islanders Deported II, 246pp, £4.00. The second volume, dealing specifically with mail to and from the Islands and the Internees in Germany and France.


The Postal History of the Jersey Sub Post Offices, David Gurney, 2001, 376pp – special price due to some staples being rusty, REDUCED to £7 as secondhand copy but in good condition. NOW SOLD OUT


A Study & Checklist of Jersey Definitives Booklet Panes, JG Hesketh, 1997, 2 COPIES NOW AVAILABLE AS SECOND-HAND COPIES, THEREFORE £2.00 each


Jersey & Guernsey Slogan Postmarks of the 20th Century, 2007, 85pp, £7.50


Boat Services to the Smaller Channel Islands, Second Edition, 2010, £24.00 (Members’ discounted price £20.00) NOW SOLD OUT

60th anniversary booklet

Channel Islands Specialist Society 60th Anniversary Booklet, 2010, £4.00.

For SOLD OUT stock, occasionally books are returned so please check with to see if any secondhand copies are available at reduced price.


Registered Mail of the Guernsey Sub-Offices 1968-1990: Volume 2 , George Curtis, 1991, pages 83-168,£3.00

Registered Mail of the Guernsey Sub-Offices 1968-1990: Volume 3, George Curtis, 1991, pages 171-244, £3.00

Society ties available in maroon or blue with CISS motif @£8.00 each

Also available from the Book Secretary

Binders for Les Iles Normandes to hold 16 issues @ £4.50 each or 3 for £15.00  NEW STOCK NOW ARRIVED

Society Tie, new design, in blue or maroon with CISS motif, £8.00 each

For more details or to place your order, please contact the Book Secretary Richard Flemming, 64 Falconers Green, Burbage, Hinckley, LE10 2SX or email

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Bulletins and Journals

We have stocks of some of the past issues of the Bulletin and the Society Journal, Les Iles Normandes.

Most back issues have been donated to the Society by Members. Back issues of Les Iles Normandes are £1.00 each and the Bulletin is priced at £0.50. Postage and packing is not included in the price of each item. Please refer to the
Index for the JOURNAL and BULLETIN for contents.

To enquire about past Journals and Bulletins, please contact Mark Bailey, 36 Jerrymoor Hill, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 4UG or email

Recommended Reading

Inevitably many key reference books are out of print. These out of print books do become available from time to time and are made available in the Society auctions.

A list of key reference works recommended and used by our members is available here: Recommended Reading

*** November 2012 ***

Forwarding Agents of Great Britain handling Channel Islands letters 1673 -1855, by David Gurney FRPSL, 170 pages, A5, profusely illustrated in black and white, ring bound, £9.50. This book is available from The Stuart Rossiter Trust